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CIFC Meets Representatives Cariforum and the Caribbean Export Development Agency during the first week of July

During the first week of July, CIFC received a visit from Messrs. Hugo Inniss and Zamadi Moodie representing Caribbean Export Development Agency. The Caribbean Export Development Agency is mandated by the Council of CARIFORUM Ministers to play a role in addressing some of the challenges relating to the promotion of the regional Financial Services Sector in CARIFORM States.

The visit of Messrs. Hugo Inniss and Zamadi Moodie was part of a fact finding visit and effort to see whether Curaçao wants to become an official member of CARIFORUM. CARIFORUM is a forum of the Caribbean Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States for the purpose of promoting and coordinating policy dialogue, cooperation and regional integration, mainly within the framework of the Cotonou Agreement between the ACP and the European Union. At this moment Curaçao is an observer of CARICOM.

Besides CIFC, the representatives of CARICOM met with Mrs. Clarion Taylor from the Directorate of Fiscal Affairs (Ministry of Finance), the Interim Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Development, Mrs. Vanessa Tore, Mr. Arthur Adams for the Association of International Bankers Association, Mrs. Gyselle Petronia for CIFA, and Mr. Derk Scheltema for one of the larger trust companies and the DCSX.