IFA 2019 CIFC Presents

Dear friends,

You are invited to join us at IFA Panama 2019
See program (http://www.ifapanama2019.com/)

CIFC would like to find out which of you intends and /or is interested in participating in the 11th IFA congress 29 to 31 May in Panama City.

If there is sufficient interest, CIFC will organize a

“Brilliant Financial Minds of Curaçao breakfast session” the 29th in Panama City

Participation in the conference costs $ 650 (only the social events $ 200)
Plane ticket: approx. $ 400

And hotels around the convention center from May 28 to May 30 (3 nights) from $ 280

Confirm your interest

Your participation in the “Brilliant Financial Minds of Curaçao breakfast session” is completely free of charge and you have the opportunity to invite some relations.

We would like to hear from you if you are planning to attend the IFA conference (see program below) and / or if you are attending the “Brilliant Financial Minds or Curacao Breakfast session”.
We would also like to know which organizations wish to sponsor so that it becomes a jointly supported (50/50 public / private) Curacao event.

Confirm your interest

For further information please mail to: MD@cifc-curacao.com

Looking forward to hear from you soonest,


Gwido Jansen
Managing Director CIFC

September 27th, Masterclass Blockchain, Fintech & Smart Contract

Crucial changes, in particular as a result of digitization and new technologies (FinTech) follow
each other at a very rapid pace. This has a major impact on organizations in many sectors.
For existing players in such sectors, it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest
technological innovations to be sufficiently viable and resilient and to face disruptive
developments. In this interactive master class, all major developments in Blockchain and
FinTech will be discussed. Specific attention will be paid to the disruptive potential of
blockchain technology with illustrative and regional oriented use cases.

Participants of the masterclass will
• Obtain knowledge about Fintech’s history, how it works, chances and risks in general
and blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in particular.

• Learn about the latest applications of blockchain, potential new business models and
potential new use cases for technology.

• Understand what Smart Contracts are and what their potentials are.

• Understand what the possibilities and challenges for blockchain are in the field of laws
and regulations.

CIFC Invites You to Co-Sponsor IFA Annual Congress, 2017, Rio


The 71st IFA Congress brings together the best in fiscal, tax and regulatory matters. The 2017 Congress will take place in the world -renowned city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a truly unique location, combining the attributes of one of the most famous international tourist destinations as well as serving as a focus point in the country and the region of several key economic markets. The welcoming environment and efficiency of the city have led it to be chosen as the host of the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic games in  2016. The 71st Congress will be held at Windsor Conventions and Expo Center, a recently built state of the art facility. In cooperation with IFA’s Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) an exciting and informative program has been structured for the Congress.