Curaçao New Territorial Tax System. OECD & EU Compliant

The Curaçao International Financial Center (CIFC) together with CIFA & STEP organizes an informative webinar series focused on Latin America.

This webinar series will shed light on the jurisdiction Curaçao and its financial services & solutions which combined with a pleasant and safe living environment makes it an indispensable jurisdiction for tax advice considerations for clients who seek premium and solid wealth security and asset protection.

With Curaçao’s new OECD & EU compliant tax system and historic (juridical) stability of the Dutch kingdom, Curaçao offers structured tailored solutions to internationally operating companies and to clients who are struggling with assets and wealth transfer questions.

Leading practitioners will cover topics such as: Curaçao’s renewed tax system, (multi) family offices and fund management in a jurisdiction both geographically and culturally close, investment opportunities through the interaction between the tax treaties of the Netherlands (Europe) & Curaçao, and more.

A webinar series you do not want to miss.
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Webinar Insights

Are you familiar with the jurisdiction Curaçao?

Which Financial Services do you think when you think of Curaçao?

Which is the most important reason to consider Curaçao as a jurisdiction for Fund Administration?

Which is the most important reason to select the jurisdiction Curaçao for your international business?

Which of the following best describes the jurisdiction Curaçao?

Which of the following advantages of Curaçao are you familiar with?

Did you know that Curaçao is an ideal location for family offices, and many have been operating there for generations?

Which of the following makes Curaçao a great location for family business?