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As a public-private partnership between all financial service industry players, promote common goals that lead to the development of new compliant and cutting-edge products and services.

The Curaçao International Financial Center (CIFC), represents an innovative commitment by the financial industry partners, government and regulatory delegates of Curaçao, to promote a greater awareness of Curaçao’s strengths as an international financial services center.

The Board is a multidisciplinary body that consists of representatives of the Curaçao Financial Services Association, the Curaçao Bankers Association, the Association of International Bankers, the Chamber of Commerce of Curaçao, the Curaçao Trade and Industry Association, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten, the International Financial Group, and the Foundation for the Development of the Logistics Sector.

CIFC works in close cooperation with the Curaçao International Financial Services Association (CIFA), which represents approximately 120 companies of the International Financial Services Sector of Curaçao. Together they represent and promote the development of all sectors of the Financial Services Industry, including Family Office Services, Investment Funds, Trust services, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Wealth Preservation & Asset Protection, Shipping and Aircraft registry and International Trade Services, including eCommerce Operations.

All embedded in a modern and efficient legal, tax and compliance environment that meets international standards. Curaçao, is part of the Dutch Kingdom, and has been home to many leading international financial institutions for over 70 years.

Our strength lies in the diversity of services and vast knowledge and experience that we are able to offer, our regulated, compliant and transparent infrastructure and innovative and diverse jurisdictional products.

In addition, our geographical location and ideal telecommunications multi-cable and multi-region connectivity along with our connections between Latin America, North America and Europe, make Curaçao the ideal financial and logistical center and bridge for UHNW individuals and families, internationally operating enterprises and institutional investors.


The CURAÇAO INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER, “CIFC” brings together all key players of the financial sector of Curaçao. CIFC’s Board joins the different banking, funds, trust, accounting, tax, legal, logistics and business associations with the Central Bank and the Ministries of Economy and Finance.

By connecting key aspects and players of the financial economy we have created a multi-disciplinary platform that works together on solutions for your financial and business opportunities in Curaçao.


Old fashioned trust and knowhow are earned. Backed by a solid international banking industry for over 80 years now, we’ve lawfully and efficiently served the most demanding markets.

We are in compliance with international regulations and offer the protection of one of the world’s best judicial systems. We are fluent in cutting-edge tailored financial solutions.


Trust and know how are ingredients to successful wealth management. Backed by a solid international banking industry for over 80 years now, we’ve lawfully and efficiently served the most demanding markets.

We are in compliance with international regulations and offer the protection of one of the world’s best judicial systems.

We are fluent in creating tailored financial solutions.

Curaçao is one of the few highly developed civil law jurisdictions in the Caribbean that can provide the stability and low profile that a family office seeks.


Curaçao provides solutions to international investors in a wide range of industries through tax efficient planning and structuring, and can create these strategies for both inbound and outbound investments, mainly from Latin America and Europe.

Curaçao helps investors develop cross-border opportunities while offering a diversification through which these risks may be mitigated.


Curaçao is regarded as one of few jurisdictions that can deliver the world’s highest levels of fund administration services. The price/quality ratio, well-educated and experienced staff and a strong legal and regulatory framework help explain how Curaçao achieves this.


When it comes to IP rights, doing business is an art whose language we command. We realize the importance of managing your intangible assets so as to maximize returns.
Gain access to a vast tax treaty pool the Netherlands has concluded with over 90 countries around the world and benefit from the most tax efficient avenues.

We register, maintain and protect your IP rights against any infringement.


Through free zones and e-zones, Curaçao offers international businesses a favorable location to conduct international trade activities, both physical and virtual, as well as online services. Through specific laws in which the legal principles for the conduct of e-commerce and the processing of electronic transactions are established, Curaçao has positioned itself as a leading e-commerce hub.


Curaçao has positioned itself at the forefront of jurisdictions that are best equipped to register and finance private and commercial aircraft. And Curaçao has been a recognized ship registration jurisdiction for over 50 years.
Shipping companies benefit from a special tax regime.
Curaçao is located outside the hurricane belt and bosts the Caribbean’s largest dry dock facility. Add to that the protection of the Dutch legal systems and our renowned financial services sector that helps you stay abreast of the latest regulations.


Leverage our reliable financial and legal experience and worldwide network. And minimize your risks in dealing with international transactions and foreign exchange.
Need to establish banking relationships in Europe or in the Americas? Our multidisciplinary financial service industry and multilingual workforce are at your service.


Curaçao has the best advice and knowledge available to maximize the fruits of your labor. We offer multilingual Corporate Secretarial & Accounting Services and International Financial Services. All tailor-made and embedded in a modern legal, tax and compliance environment meeting international standards.

Our single purpose? Protect our clients’ wealth in the most efficient way possible.


Precision delivery of the level of service you require without the overhead. We offer sharp benefits while passing on the savings to you.

We provide the necessary reliable info and make sure you are in compliance with all relevant regulations.


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