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The CURAÇAO INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTER, “CIFC” is a public-private partnership between the government of Curaçao and certain public institutions with all key players of the entire financial sector of Curaçao. CIFC’s Board unites the different local and international banking associations, the trust and funds sector, accounting and tax advisory, legal specialists, the logistics industry, and different business associations with the Central Bank and the Ministries of Economy and Finance. We permanently operate in multiple languages, primarily English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.


By connecting key financial aspects of the Curaçao economy with a web of all the players of the financial economy we have created a multi-disciplinary platform that works together on a continuous flow of solutions for financial and business opportunities in Curaçao. We serve as the gateway for market access and business opportunities for financial investors who are looking to launch large and impactful projects in Curaçao. By including a legal sector that navigates common and civil law with ease, we are used to solving complex investment structures


Curaçao is a piece of the Dutch Kingdom in the southern Caribbean, located right at “the front door” to Latin America, close to Venezuela and Colombia. Our strong and long-standing ties with the United States, Latin America and Europe. Make Curaçao the ideal jurisdiction to function as your gateway and hub between the Americas and the rest of the world.