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Curaçao THE choice for international business

This week, from 16th to 18th of October, CIFC Curaçao International Financial Center and co-sponsor companies from Curaçao, will have a booth at STEP LATAM CONFERENCE 2019 in Sao Paulo, where we will show why Curaçao is ¡THE choice for international business!. Visit our booth and meet our co-sponsor experts during the event.     [...]

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CIFC persbericht IFA 2019 Panama City

CIFC persbericht IFA 2019 Panama City Door:             CIFC (Curacao International Financial Center) Datum:           31 mei 2019 Internationale Financiële sector van Curaçao schittert!   De stichting ‘Curaçao International Financial Center(CIFC) heeft met behulp van co-sponsoren CINEX, DCSX, Grant Thornthon, HBM Group, IQEQ, Sadekya, SAI Bank, allen spelers in de internationale financiële dienstensector van Curaçao, wederom [...]

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IFA 2019 CIFC Presents

Dear friends, You are invited to join us at IFA Panama 2019 See program (http://www.ifapanama2019.com/) CIFC would like to find out which of you intends and /or is interested in participating in the 11th IFA congress 29 to 31 May in Panama City. If there is sufficient interest, CIFC will organize a "Brilliant Financial Minds [...]

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September 27th, Masterclass Blockchain, Fintech & Smart Contract

Crucial changes, in particular as a result of digitization and new technologies (FinTech) follow each other at a very rapid pace. This has a major impact on organizations in many sectors. For existing players in such sectors, it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest technological innovations to be sufficiently viable and [...]

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