September 27th, Masterclass Blockchain, Fintech & Smart Contract

Crucial changes, in particular as a result of digitization and new technologies (FinTech) follow
each other at a very rapid pace. This has a major impact on organizations in many sectors.
For existing players in such sectors, it is necessary to keep up to date with the latest
technological innovations to be sufficiently viable and resilient and to face disruptive
developments. In this interactive master class, all major developments in Blockchain and
FinTech will be discussed. Specific attention will be paid to the disruptive potential of
blockchain technology with illustrative and regional oriented use cases.

Participants of the masterclass will
• Obtain knowledge about Fintech’s history, how it works, chances and risks in general
and blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in particular.

• Learn about the latest applications of blockchain, potential new business models and
potential new use cases for technology.

• Understand what Smart Contracts are and what their potentials are.

• Understand what the possibilities and challenges for blockchain are in the field of laws
and regulations.